Selecting Function Rooms

Choosing a function site can be a difficult undertaking. It’s one of the most significant and costly aspects of your meeting. It establishes the tone for the rest of your day, for both you and your guests. It is understandable why you want to choose that lovely, expensive-looking venue, but consider all the complications, constraints, and additional costs.

Is it truly worthwhile? In the end, the decision is yours to make. Let’s put together a list of crucial questions to ask your wedding venue to assist you. This way, there will be no surprises on your meeting day, at least not from your venue!

Things to consider

Additional Fees

The price quote you get from the venue is never comprehensive. There are numerous hidden fees and technicalities. Make sure you tell them exactly how you want your meeting to turn out.

Necessary Space

Is there a space where for a presentation or someone else could set up? Is there a spot for your caterer to hook in if they don’t have a kitchen? If you’re having your meeting outside, you’ll need to be aware of extension cords and generators. Getting a map of all the plugs and a list of all the electronic resources you’ll have is a good idea. Also, if you make sure there are locations for your guests to charge their phones, they will love you!

Most people envision a beautiful meeting room like a chamber with large tables, air-conditioned, comfortable chairs on all sides, and excellent lighting when they think of their meeting day. Regrettably, this is not always the case. Make sure the available meeting room is well suited to your event and the happenings that are going to take place.


Exquisite function room services are required to design an elaborate and distinguished meeting. They are a crucial and fundamental component of hosting a successful event. They’re as diverse as the event you’re going to. The word function room paints a picture of a large number of people gathered for an intended purpose of functioning as a whole.

A meeting is an event in which participants are supposed to have a conversation and arrive at a conclusion. It is usually organisational, involving a group of persons from one entity or establishment who have a common objective or purpose, albeit the position or prominence of each participant may differ. On other occasions, the attendees may simply be similar because of one factor or a shared interest, such as the same goals or objectives that will be the focus of the meeting.

The provision of support services, such as labour and material management, is subsequently made. During the planning stage, it was vital to double-check that all meeting items had been ordered and shipped or carried to the location on schedule. Before shipping, a defined space for the person in charge or the items to be utilized is in place. The planner or event organizer is in charge of coordinating all of this. Function rooms are also readied and verified, and the venue’s services or amenities are put to the test, such as internet access, email or fax services, electronic communications setup, voice mail, or video.


The rooms are checked to see if all necessary amenities are there and functioning, such as audio-video equipment, adequate seating, and ventilation, mobility, exhibit booths or tables in place and correctly set up, displays in the proper lighting or angle, and all other items ready and in place.

Other concerns for the conference include the participants’ and agency officials’ safety and comfort. Food and beverages had been planned ahead of time and were expected to be ready when the first person arrived.

Gold Coast Turf Club has several functions that vary in capacity and design. Visit them today and check out which one is the best fit for your event.

Different Uses of Printed Lanyards

Lanyards are made from a length of materials and sewn in a loop. They are fitted with clips or hooks to attach necessary items such as IDs and keys. Lanyards are always slipped around the neck to have the items you require at hand and to use as identification for yourself. A favourite material a lanyard might be made from is polyester, and they come in many different colours. Lanyards can also have the place where you work or the club you belong to printed on the material. They are ways for businesses to customise or personalise with their logo, company name, or other useful information.


Printed lanyards can be customised for use at schools. They are worn by teachers and the educational staff. They can be printed with the name of the school and in the school colours. Teachers wear them with their ID badges and keys for access to classrooms and offices. In higher learning institutions, students might also wear lanyards for identification that they belong to the college or university.


Company employees wear printed lanyards with the company name or logo. They are used for ID and, if required, to hold keys. Reception areas of large companies might hand out ID visitor lanyards for people who come to see someone but do not belong there.

Government Use

Government institutions use lanyards printed with the name of the institution. They are usually worn by security staff or workers who belong at the institution for identification purposes. They are generally attached with ID badges and keys, so the staff has access to private areas, and security can identify them.


Conventions are usually huge events, and they require people to wear lanyards for ID purposes, so security knows who belongs or does not belong at the convention. These lanyards might be printed with the name of the convention, so security knows it is a legally made lanyard and not fake. The people attending the convention will wear the lanyards with their ID badges and colour photos.


Printed lanyards are created for business events or promotional events, so people who are handed out these lanyards have the name of the promotional product printed on them. It is an excellent way of advertising as people like to wear colourful lanyards.

Sporting Events

Sporting events where security has to be on a high level are places where people wear printed lanyards with the name of the sports team. The staff has their ID badges attached to them so they can freely move about the sports stadium. They feature not only the home team playing but also are in the team colours.


People enjoy creating printed lanyards for celebrations with family and friends, such as anniversaries where the name of the family, year, and location are printed on them. These make great souvenirs of a very special occasion.

Amusement Parks

Theme parks are areas where large crowds form. They require printed lanyards for all their staff for ID purposes. They also need lanyards with the name of the theme park printed on them and with special badges to identify tourist groups. Lanyards might also be handed out to visitors as souvenirs of their trip to the theme park.

So for whatever purpose you require printed lanyards, you can get them printed with the name of your company or event or anything else you want and made in your choice of colour and with clips or hooks for attachments.

Factors to consider when selecting a family resort in Gold Coast

Do you want to make the best out of the next family holiday you are planning? Do you know that selecting the best family resort can help you in making your dreams come true?  If you know this, do you know what to look for when you are selecting a family resort for your family?

When you are taking your family for a family holiday, you must ensure that you have selected the best family resort that is worth spending your precious time with the people you love.  In case you are planning to go to Gold Coast this holiday with your family, be assured that there are so many family resorts that you can book for your family, but you need to be very careful to make sure that the resort that you select is the kind of resort that your loved ones are looking forward to spending time in during their holiday.

The main reason as to why many people choose to have family holidays is because they want to relax after being very busy at work. For this reason, you must ensure that the family resort you will be selecting will meet your personal needs.  There are several things that you need to consider when you are selecting a family resort to avoid making any mistakes. These factors include:

The location of the family resort

In Gold Coasts, there are so many family resorts that are located in different locations all over the Gold Coast. For this reason, there are family resorts that are located in towns while others located outside the towns. Others are located near airports or railway stations, and others are positioned near to the tourist attraction sites around. You will need to consider the location of the family resort that you are about to select for your family. In case you are spending most of your day in the tourist attractions sites, you will need to select the family resort that is located to the sites. Secondly, if you do not have a personal vehicle, you will need to get the family resort that is located near the railway station or airport depending on the mode of transport that you will be using. Ultiqa family resorts in Gold Coast is highly recommended because of its proximity to beautiful sites and accessibility to the different modes of transportation in the area.

The activities available

Since your family will require some activities to keep them busy, you must consider the kind of family and children’s activities that are offered in the family resort that you want to select. Always ensure that you have chosen the family resort that has the best children’s activities that even the adults can participate in so that you can have time to bond with your child.

The amenities available

Every family has the kind of amenities that they cannot do without. For this reason, you will need to identify the family resort that has the amenities that you will need during the vacation. For instance, find out whether there are parking spaces, swimming pools, laundry, gym, TVs, kitchenettes, restaurants and free Wi-Fi.

The cost of the family resort

The family resorts that you will find in the Gold Coast have different costs. For this reason, you will need to ensure that you look for the family resort that you will easily afford. However, you should not go for a cheap family resort that will not be accommodating to your family.

The type of food offered

You will also have to consider the type of food that is being offered by the family resorts in Gold Coast. This is very important since you do not want to go to a resort where the food that is offered is costly.  Consequently, you need to select the family resort that provides the type of food that even your kids can eat without any problems.

Why you should go for whale watching in Hervey Bay

Over the past few years, whale watching in Hervey bay is a much sought after activity for tourists. Anyone who wants to observe these beautiful giant creatures in their natural habitat can book a tour. While it is entertainment for the people and an economic boost for the people of Hervey bay, whales are an important part of the eco system. Their presence helps balance out a great many things.

Just the mere thought of being close to such a scenic and fascinating sight is enough to make anyone feel excited. It is an activity which is enjoyed by people of all ages. While the younger children may not be able to grasp the beauty of these iconic creatures but older children do love watching these gentle creatures frolic around in the waters.

During a whale watching tour, the spectators stand around the edge of the pier or the deck of the boat. They wait for these placid creatures to make a stop and indulge in their activities. If the whales are interested in the humans present to watch them, they might feel adventurous enough to venture close by. Sometimes tourists are delighted to see the whales putting on a show and doing flips just because they feel entitled to entertain the humans. It’s an experience which is extraordinary and remarkable. Moments which can be cherished forever.

While for many whale watching is more of a recreational activity, t can also serve as a scientific study of the marine creatures. The surveillance of their natural habitat and an observation of their behavior.

The following are a few reasons why you should go for whale watching in Hervey bay:

  • It will be the experience of a life time. Once you experience seeing a whale your life would never be the same again. It’s a wonder to observe these delightful creatures up close and personal. Once you see your first whale, you would make sure that you get to see this kind of sight time and again. It’s that addictive. Yet the sense of wonder never seems to abate. Seasoned whale watchers would tell you that the anticipation is the same every time.
  • Whale watching tours are considered a one of the greatest travel experiences by globe trotter across the world. If you are visiting Australia, make sure you visit Hervey bay for the experience of a life time.
  • Cruising is one of the most interesting way o spend your mornings or evenings. It all depends upon the kind of tour you are interested in. there are day tours and then there are tours which may stretch for the complete day starting from morning till night. Besides watching whales you may also come across a few fun loving dolphins and watching them is just as delightful. Plus you get to enjoy the sights and smell of the sea and enjoy delicious food hosted by the crew.

Hervey Bay whale watching packages and tours are a big hit among tourists, so book early if you want to experience this attraction.


Photo Booth Melbourne

A Photo Booth


Who knew that time would bring us technology that would enable us to see on a screen, as our eyes see in life. This technology is what everyone has nowadays. It is on our phones, tablets, and laptops. This simple technology which we now know as cameras changed the way we see. People can now see other people who are far away.

The technology advanced and people specialised in it. The world saw an opportunity, and it took that. We see more professional photographers now, and photo booths are here.

A photo booth is a place where we get our pictures or mugshots, as some like to call it, shot. These places have professional photographers and environment needed to take a picture. Excellent photos, might I add.


How they changed our lives


Photo booths have been around for quite some time now. We can see that societies have been using photo booths to get passport pictures for a long time. Melbourne has some excellent examples when it comes to photo booths. The photo booths have been around for a substantial amount of time.

The first photo booth came around some 57 years ago in Melbourne. This photo booth received popularity in just a few days.

The invention of photo booths changed our lives. People now value precious moments. People understand that a moment is priceless, and they should capture it. Most of us have a habit of keeping our photos in an album. These albums mean a lot to us, as they hold what we hold dear to us. We can relive those moments by looking at our old pictures in an instance. People nowadays are very busy, and they forget to cherish their loved ones. Do you wonder why most people tend to take advantage of photo booths and have a lot of pictures? They most probably have cameras themselves, but a photo booth reminds them that every moment is priceless.

Melbourne and its other booths


Melbourne has many photo booths. These are not big in a quantitative manner only, the types of photo booths that Melbourne has is vast. There are wedding booths, passport photo booths, 3D photo booths, vanity photo booths, and many more. The wedding photo booths are mainly there for the newlyweds, who are on their way to a honeymoon. Imagine a lot of pictures taken at a time in different poses. The passport photo booths are what we see in an airport. Yes, it is as the name suggests, for the passports. The 3D photo booths are a new trend, and people love it. A 3D scan of you, that’s what it is. It is amazing what technology has to offer. Vanity photo booths are now trendy because of the white drop it has to offer.

These are some of the Melbourne photo booths for parties. Although these are the most popular ones, you can find a photo booth that is suitable for you. If you ever feel like you have to capture a moment with a loved one, the photo booth will be there serving your needs. This little advancement has helped humanity capture many priceless moments and fun at the same time. This coin-operated kiosk has vast uses. For those who think photo booths are outdated, think of a time you need a photo for some form or application and not finding one.



Things to consider when choosing a restaurant in Richland

Choosing a restaurant can be tough, especially if there are more than a few people involved going for a meal. Would you choose it based on the food choices made by everyone or would the choice depend upon the occasion? Do things like service and ambiance matter?

Taking time out to choose a restaurant can be quite rewarding. A good choice can result in a delicious culinary expedition. While some people believe that review speak for themselves, but there are other things to consider as well when deciding on which restaurants in Richlands to choose.

These include the following:

  • The location of the restaurant. Will it be easy for everyone to reach on time? Is the restaurant a walking distance or would it require a longer drive? All these should be considered when you plan to go along with a number of friends.
  • The ambiance of the restaurant. While ambiance can actually improve your chance of having a great time, does it matter to everyone who is accompanying you? If the ambiance is romantic and subtle you might reconsider if they would accommodate a group of friends who are looking to have fun. In such a case a family restaurant or a restaurant which caters to larger groups should be considered.
  • For meetings you might want to consider a restaurant which is sober and not too big on loud music. A night out with friends would be best in a happening place. O make sure you choose a restaurant based on the occasion and the people accompanying you.
  • Does the place allow good value for money? Some restaurants are more economical than others. Consider what kind of restaurant you would prefer based on your budget. If you plan on treating a large group of friends on your own it would be best to go for a restaurant which offers good value for money.
  • The service offered at a restaurant matters a great deal as well. If there is a particular restaurant that you like, make sure you befriend the waiters and the waitresses. These are the people who are going to serve you. Being on good terms with them would make for a finer dining experience.
  • For big events and parties make sure you choose a restaurant which has already been tried and tested. It would allow you to focus more on the guests and the event as a whole. You just enjoy the meal and know that others would enjoy it too. There won’t be a great deal to worry about because you already know the servers and the management.
  • Things like hygiene should matter as well.
  • The cuisine and the chef. If it’s a special kind of cuisine you are looking for, make sure you checkout restaurant which specialize in that genre of cooking. For example if you want to order Japanese, get a list of all Richland restaurants serving Japanese food.

Keeping all these things in mind would help you choose the right Richland restaurant.


Marriage is both a sacrament and an occasion. An oath because it’s a commandment and a way of telling people that a man and a woman could be united with their love before the eyes of God. Seemingly, it’s also an occasion because families and relatives gather together to witness it, combined with a banquet and all types of merry-making.

Weddings cannot be complete without wedding rings. In many parts of Australia especially in Sydney, a lot of jewellers have shops lined up on the streets to wait for lovely couples to walk-in,  ask for the price and later, purchase a ring they like. Most often, would-be grooms and brides order a wedding ring months before the most important event in their lives.

Let us explore the different kinds or types of wedding rings in Sydney.

Ring types

  • The simple yet elegant classic solitaire wedding ring – It looks like some couples would go for the “oldies but goodies” stuff on the day of their wedding. The kind of idea that whatever has aged will always be the best.
  • The amour cut diamond wedding ring – tiny diamond cuts are embedded and lined up in a crooked way as if following a river trail. Inside of it are the marks of the engraved precious stones, serving as a memory of what’s on top of everything.
  • The yellow gold-diamond wedding ring – Two of the most precious stones combined together like a man and a woman in matrimony. The ring is rounded up with little diamonds in four circles following the ring’s circumference. On top of it is the round cut Julia stone.
  • The heart-shaped promise ring- Ideal for very young couples in love. A silver-plated ring engraved with marks that signifies the beats and sounds of a happy heart.
  • The Moissanite simple solitaire ring- It signifies true happiness knowing that a man or a woman is chosen to love each other forever. It’s like the single diamond on the ring that stands with pride and glory.
  • The Princess cut white diamond ring- It’s perfectly plated with rhodium sterling silver surrounded with complex and abstract shapes that represents the ability to understand the one who wears it no matter what the cost.
  • The interchangeable, two-tone, round cut diamond ring – a jewel that represents life’s complexities and of course the woman’s fickle-mindedness that needs unconditional understanding and empathy in times of woes or worry.
  • The romantic heart-cut diamond wedding ring – A jewel that represents the greatest emotion that mankind could ever have. A love that lasts a lifetime with that special person in your life which is your spouse.
  • The Princess wedding cut diamond ring with blue sapphire – represents that no sadness or woes could ever stop two people from loving each other for eternity. They will survive for the reason that they have each other’s back, loving and supporting till the end of time.

What does the ring in a wedding symbolise?

A circle has no beginning and an end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be. For the many, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in this finger is believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart.

Finding Airport Transfers on a Budget

Are you looking for cheap airport transfers in Wollongong? Finding cheap drop offs to your hotel or destination from the airport might seem impossible. After all we are used to paying exorbitant amounts of taxi fares every time we are travelling from the airport. So how does one actually find a cheap airport transfer from Wollongong? Just make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Finding a vehicle which accommodates you and all those who travel with you should be your first priority. For those who are travelling on their own, the cheapest mode of airport transfer is usually a shuttle service. You simply get on the first available shuttle which would then take you to your destination. However, it can work only if you are travelling light. That means you dot have to carry a great deal of luggage.

  • On the other hand if you are making you way to Wollongong with the family and especially small children there are certain things you need to take care of. The number one being that you won’t be getting on a shuttle with all of them around you. It’s not only unsafe but it’s quite inconvenient as well. For family you need to ensure that you have hired the right vehicle. One which would easily accommodate all of you and the extra luggage which accompanies you.
  • In order to find a cheap airport transfer, you can try searching for package deals on the internet. Get to know which transport services are in operation and then check their details and al. there are bound to be some discount for early birds. If you make an advance booking you can be assured that there would be someone to pick you up on the day of your arrival. You won’t be spending time running after a taxi service.
  • Get to know what kind of vehicles can be booked for an airport transfer. Choose one which is well suited for you and your family.
  • Once you have selected the vehicle, you would be shown different quotes. Before signing up with a particular airport transfer service, make sure you get quotations from at least two or three of them. Hi would help you compare and find one which is well within your budget.
  • Keep in mind that different services would be charging a different amount for hiring the same kind of vehicle. However, there are often hidden charges and gratuities which people ignore and are only surprised to find that they have to shell out more money than they anticipated.
  • Last but not the least make sure if they have a return or refund policy if you won’t use their service. In case you miss the flight or the flight is delayed would they offer you a ride without any compensation or would you have to pay extra. Finding out all these things is important because you don’t want to be faced with any undue surprises later on.

Take a Boat on the Wild Side

Come to Watch the Whales in Hervey Bay

Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime

When looking for the perfect trip as tourists, it’s time to give Hervey Bay a second look. The majestic humpback whales begin their migration from the cold waters of Antarctica, seeking the warm waters of Queensland. They begin arriving toward the end of June or the beginning of July and stay there until mid-November. Tours begin in August and continue through the rest of the season.

Hervey Bay is where the mother whales begin teaching their calves how to survive in the frigid ocean waters of Antarctica. This, also, is the best time to experience the whales close up, as they seek to see the tourists in return. The humpback whale, a highly-intelligent, curious creature, love to play and show off in the waters for everyone’s enjoyment.

They may show off their acrobatic skills by tail- or fin-slapping, or come close to tour boats to give the tourists a close-up view of their awe-inspiring majesty. Have that camera ready! The pictures and videos taken now will earn the memories of a lifetime. They are also total show-offs, breaching the water to show their physical prowess, sometimes as many as 20 times in just a few minutes. Their powerful and comical antics are a joy to see.

Meeting the whales in their own playground is a chance of a lifetime experience. Paddling out into the ocean with them is an amazing sight to see. Their natural curiosity gives humans a chance to share in their wondrous lives. It’s a delight to watch them play and sing their haunting melodies. Only the males sing their songs, and these songs can last up to 30 minutes, sometimes even more. These songs can be heard over many kilometres, and each family group has its own song.

Coming Back to Life

These humpback whales were nearly extinct at one time, due to humans, but changes in human laws have helped bring them back from the brink. At one point, there were less than 2000 humpback whales in the world. Now, after sixty years, there are now over 22,000; they’re definitely returning in numbers, though they are still on the endangered list.

It’s terrible to think that at one point, we nearly lost these gentle giants. Such a thing would definitely be a tragedy. Thankfully, it looks like we have been able to turn that story around. To continue to enjoy these majestic creatures, in places like Hervey Bay, is a huge fortune that we are able to take part in. To have the chance to take part in the Hervey Bay whale watching season is an opportunity not to be missed.

This is No Documentary

Now, coming to get to know these comical, fun-loving creatures, experiencing their awesome lives along with them, we have been gifted with their trust and friendly encounters. It truly is an adventure not to be missed.

While out on the ocean with these magical beings, it becomes clear that this is nothing like a video on the television. Not even close! To be able to share these precious moments with them, so close that we can see right into their eyes as they roll to one side, is a gift that will last a lifetime for these vacationers.

Don’t miss this amazing adventure. Come with a camera and take stills and videos of them as they frolic. It’s unforgettable, and these whales are ready and waiting to play!

Double bed in the modern interior room

Choosing A Suitable Hotel When Traveling

If you are traveling and have to stay in a hotel then it is important that you ensure you get the best hotel. Choosing wrong will make your whole trip terrible. Here are some tips on how to choose the best hotel.

Figure Out What Is Essential To You

If you are on vacation, you may want a hotel that has a day spa or a pool. Think about what you really need the hotel to have. This will help you narrow down the hotels that are ideal for you. If you are traveling for business, you should check that the hotel has WiFi in every room rather than the lobby so that you will not be inconvenienced.

Distance To Your Destination

If you are booking a hotel that you will stay in during a trip, you should get one that is near most of the places that you want to visit. Keep in mind that this may be more costly. However, it will be much better than getting a place that is far then being miserable because you have to wake up early and probably struggle to get to the place in time for tours.

Do Not neglect Reviews

Reviews from previous customers who stayed at the hotel are the only way you can know what to expect. Go online and search for hotel websites. These should have reviews from previous customers. Check the latest ones to see if there is great service at the hotel. If you see various complaints about meals being delayed or dirty rooms, then you best continue your search. Do not be mislead by the luxurious pictures you might see on the hotel websites.

Check The Prices

It is important that you have a budget so that you do not end up staying at a hotel that is too expensive for you. Once you have established your budget, start checking the prices that each hotel has. Ensure that you check what each price includes. Most hotels will have extra fees for even the little things but use language that will confuse potential customers. Do not book any hotel before asking all details of the prices. This will prevent you from getting extra charges that you were not aware of during check-in.

Look At Travel Blogs

There are places that may not appear on search engines but will probably offer more amenities. Read travel blogs to find out if there are any smaller hotels in the place you will be traveling to. You may end up finding some amazing places that you would not have had any idea existed had you not read the blog.

Ask About Meal Provisions

You should find out what meals are provided at the hotel before booking it. If you are booking a hotel that is near a restaurant, you can ask them if they offer reduced prices for customers who do not eat in-house meals. This could save you some money. It is also crucial to find out if they offer all meals or just breakfast and dinner.

The small bus with bags on a roof

Road trips Are The Best! Why This Is True

There can be no greater joy than simply loading up the car and setting out om a trip to a far destination. This is one of the occasions where the journey is much more important than the final destination.

A road trip is A rite of passage for those who have just entered adulthood and are preparing to take their places as productive members of society. But it is also a tremendously fun experience for families.

But what is it about road trips that makes them such a life altering experience for those who take part in such an adventure?

Firstly there is the preparation. The excitement of preparing for the ideal road trip is part and parcel of what makes the experience so unique. Rather than simply packing bags for a trip on an airline carrier a road trip must involve some extra careful planning. Choose a rental company carefully (try There are the snacks and hydration materials that must be carried in the motor vehicle. Then there is the careful packing – and all this time the excitement rises.

But even before this there is the careful planning. In this day and age of cheap air travel the attraction of simply planning a multi hour – or even multi day trip tend to be overlooked.

We use GPS systems on our smart devices to plan out every day movements, but a trip that may take place over a number of hours, with family may not be something that we think about. Planning such a trip may make the trip itself more important than the final destination – especially if there are children involved.

It is those trips that may make the memories that will last a lifetime.

Taking the highways and byways that connect our major cities or points of interest can be an adventure in itself.

The joy of stopping at local points of interest along the way is part and parcel of what makes road trips such an attractive proposition for those who want to cement the relationship between family members. A snack bought at a roadside stop while filling up with petrol can do more for the relationship between parents and their children than a year in a park. the sheer joy of the new experience can be seen in the delight that children take in the simple snacks that are purchased for them.
Stopping at an attraction along the way can allow children to explore both their creativity and the wonder that they have in the country that they call home.

The continual calls of ‘are we there yet?’ are a small price to pay when it comes to spending some quality time alone – be it in a motor vehicle, with those who are part of our family.

Road trips are not only a time to enjoy family, they are also a time to explore what makes us part of that family. We get to know each other in the confines of a small space. we have fun and is that not the point of travelling?

Top 20 safest airlines to fly with – 2017

The 2017 annual survey for airline safety ratings was done by the world’s only safety ratings website namely  They are an independent rating website for product and plane safety ratings.

From around the world, 425 airlines were surveyed, only 148 were given top marks with the rest coming in with only 3 or fewer stars out of a possible 7.

These star ratings are given for:

Not being on the EU’s blacklist

Airline is certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Accident / crash record

Fleet grounding due to safety issues

To get into the top 20 airlines must show an exemplary level of operations and little to no incidents.  Budget airlines do not get given 7 stars!

The top 20 safest airlines for 2017 were as follows (they were not ranked by but listed in alphabetical order except for the airline that came out tops):

The safest airline for 2017 and taking the title for the fourth year in a row was Qantas.

The rest of the top 20 are:
  Air New Zealand
  Alaska Airline
  All Nippon Airways
  British Airways
  Cathay Pacific Airways
  Delta Air Line
  Etihad Airways
  Eva Air
  Hawaiian Airline
  Japan Airline
  Scandinavian Airline System
  Singapore Airline
  United Airlines
  Virgin Atlantic
  Virgin Australia

For update-to-date airline and air travel news, is a great source of information.  It lists a whole lot of news regarding new air craft carriers, what is happening within the airline and aircraft industries.  Flight tickets can be booked on the website, with detailed travel routes, what to expect on board each aircraft such as seat size, leg room, entertainment, meals, kid’s entertainment.
There are reviews, tips and helpful advice from travelers who have travelled on the various airlines for which they share their experiences user ratings.

The website lists the top safest low-cost airlines, each having passed strict IOSA (International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit) audits, there are over 1000 audit considerations plus having to show extremely good safety records. list the following top ten safest low-cost budget-airlines for 2017:

  Aer Lingus
  HK Express
  Jetstar Australia
  Jetstar Asia
  Thomas Cook
  Virgin America

Australia’s highest mountain is off-limits to tourists

Heard Island

An Australian external territory Heard Island is about 4000km from the Australian mainland and 1000 or so kilometers from Antarctica this island is home to the highest mountain in Australia, Mawson Peak at 2750m.  It is an active volcano with its latest eruption being in April 2013.  The island has a rich bird and marine life as well as some hardy plant species and boasts being the largest sub-Antarctic island with no human introduced plant species to the island.  The Island with its lack of human interference and inhabitants is a great sanctuary for some species to thrive.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands are said to be some of the most remote places on earth and lie on the Kerguelen Plateau located in the Indian Ocean.

It’s not that you cannot go only that going requires a skilled crew with a fully equipped expedition vessel and a willingness to sail the roughest toughest sea there is!  Getting there is not just a hop skip and jump across the grueling sea either it can take up to two weeks to get there.
Then there is the fact that you need the permission of the Australian Antarctic Division to do so!  Unless you have a better reason than “You want to check out the scenery and big active volcano because you think it would be cool!”  you are not likely to get it!

There are some other islands you can visit to see a big volcano and similar wildlife that are not only more readily accessible without all the hoopla of permissions and fully kitted out expedition vessels with their crew.  They are also a lot closer such as Montague which is off the coast of Narooma, New South Wales and White Island in New Zealand if seeing an active volcano is on your bucket list!

A festive season island getaway for the entire family

Finding great destinations for the family vacation is always taxing especially when there are kids involved.  You want somewhere for you as the parent(s) to go to relax, preferably with white sandy beaches, long cool cocktails and clear blue seas! But whilst you are soaking in the vitamin D and reading a good book what would the kids do?  Well if you went to the Vanuatu’s islands there would be plenty for them to do and your dream of an Island vacation suddenly becomes a reality!

Vanuatu’s Islands are only a couple of hours from Australia, filled with fun, adventure and amazing sites rounded off by the absolute freedom to unwind and do as you what you want as and when!  Oh, and you are bound to make new friends as the islands local’s have been voted as some of the happiest people alive time and again!

With chalets to hire where your front stairs leading into a clear blue ocean, palm trees swaying in the background, complimentary drinks on arrival, various free use of sports equipment, wi-fi, etc. it is the place you really want to be.

There is a lot of activities and sights to take in, here are a few:

Horse-back-riding – paths for all age groups and riding strengths. It is a fun family outing, a great way to explore the island and get a different view.

The Blue Lagoon – clear blue warm water, rope swings, picnic tables and all surrounded by a jungle.  Kids will love swinging themselves into the water.

Snorkeling – explore the crystal-clear waters

Jungle zip-line – fly through the treetops at a pace

Hideaway Island – and up close and personal interaction with nature and an underwater post office

Mele Cascades – a swim in the waterfalls surrounded by jungle

Dozens of beaches to choose from – there are about 83 beaches to choose from on all the islands

Village cultural tour – learn about the culture of the inhabitants of the island.

The Port Vila Market – this market runs seven days a week and has great local food, art and people.

Kustom Karnival Beach Bar –  for great sundowners and live music while the kids play

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