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Top 20 safest airlines to fly with – 2017

The 2017 annual survey for airline safety ratings was done by the world’s only safety ratings website namely  They are an independent rating website for product and plane safety ratings.

From around the world, 425 airlines were surveyed, only 148 were given top marks with the rest coming in with only 3 or fewer stars out of a possible 7.

These star ratings are given for:

Not being on the EU’s blacklist

Airline is certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Accident / crash record

Fleet grounding due to safety issues

To get into the top 20 airlines must show an exemplary level of operations and little to no incidents.  Budget airlines do not get given 7 stars!

The top 20 safest airlines for 2017 were as follows (they were not ranked by but listed in alphabetical order except for the airline that came out tops):

The safest airline for 2017 and taking the title for the fourth year in a row was Qantas.

The rest of the top 20 are:
  Air New Zealand
  Alaska Airline
  All Nippon Airways
  British Airways
  Cathay Pacific Airways
  Delta Air Line
  Etihad Airways
  Eva Air
  Hawaiian Airline
  Japan Airline
  Scandinavian Airline System
  Singapore Airline
  United Airlines
  Virgin Atlantic
  Virgin Australia

For update-to-date airline and air travel news, is a great source of information.  It lists a whole lot of news regarding new air craft carriers, what is happening within the airline and aircraft industries.  Flight tickets can be booked on the website, with detailed travel routes, what to expect on board each aircraft such as seat size, leg room, entertainment, meals, kid’s entertainment.
There are reviews, tips and helpful advice from travelers who have travelled on the various airlines for which they share their experiences user ratings.

The website lists the top safest low-cost airlines, each having passed strict IOSA (International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit) audits, there are over 1000 audit considerations plus having to show extremely good safety records. list the following top ten safest low-cost budget-airlines for 2017:

  Aer Lingus
  HK Express
  Jetstar Australia
  Jetstar Asia
  Thomas Cook
  Virgin America

Australia’s highest mountain is off-limits to tourists

Heard Island

An Australian external territory Heard Island is about 4000km from the Australian mainland and 1000 or so kilometers from Antarctica this island is home to the highest mountain in Australia, Mawson Peak at 2750m.  It is an active volcano with its latest eruption being in April 2013.  The island has a rich bird and marine life as well as some hardy plant species and boasts being the largest sub-Antarctic island with no human introduced plant species to the island.  The Island with its lack of human interference and inhabitants is a great sanctuary for some species to thrive.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands are said to be some of the most remote places on earth and lie on the Kerguelen Plateau located in the Indian Ocean.

It’s not that you cannot go only that going requires a skilled crew with a fully equipped expedition vessel and a willingness to sail the roughest toughest sea there is!  Getting there is not just a hop skip and jump across the grueling sea either it can take up to two weeks to get there.
Then there is the fact that you need the permission of the Australian Antarctic Division to do so!  Unless you have a better reason than “You want to check out the scenery and big active volcano because you think it would be cool!”  you are not likely to get it!

There are some other islands you can visit to see a big volcano and similar wildlife that are not only more readily accessible without all the hoopla of permissions and fully kitted out expedition vessels with their crew.  They are also a lot closer such as Montague which is off the coast of Narooma, New South Wales and White Island in New Zealand if seeing an active volcano is on your bucket list!

A festive season island getaway for the entire family

Finding great destinations for the family vacation is always taxing especially when there are kids involved.  You want somewhere for you as the parent(s) to go to relax, preferably with white sandy beaches, long cool cocktails and clear blue seas! But whilst you are soaking in the vitamin D and reading a good book what would the kids do?  Well if you went to the Vanuatu’s islands there would be plenty for them to do and your dream of an Island vacation suddenly becomes a reality!

Vanuatu’s Islands are only a couple of hours from Australia, filled with fun, adventure and amazing sites rounded off by the absolute freedom to unwind and do as you what you want as and when!  Oh, and you are bound to make new friends as the islands local’s have been voted as some of the happiest people alive time and again!

With chalets to hire where your front stairs leading into a clear blue ocean, palm trees swaying in the background, complimentary drinks on arrival, various free use of sports equipment, wi-fi, etc. it is the place you really want to be.

There is a lot of activities and sights to take in, here are a few:

Horse-back-riding – paths for all age groups and riding strengths. It is a fun family outing, a great way to explore the island and get a different view.

The Blue Lagoon – clear blue warm water, rope swings, picnic tables and all surrounded by a jungle.  Kids will love swinging themselves into the water.

Snorkeling – explore the crystal-clear waters

Jungle zip-line – fly through the treetops at a pace

Hideaway Island – and up close and personal interaction with nature and an underwater post office

Mele Cascades – a swim in the waterfalls surrounded by jungle

Dozens of beaches to choose from – there are about 83 beaches to choose from on all the islands

Village cultural tour – learn about the culture of the inhabitants of the island.

The Port Vila Market – this market runs seven days a week and has great local food, art and people.

Kustom Karnival Beach Bar –  for great sundowners and live music while the kids play

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