Lanyards are made from a length of materials and sewn in a loop. They are fitted with clips or hooks to attach necessary items such as IDs and keys. Lanyards are always slipped around the neck to have the items you require at hand and to use as identification for yourself. A favourite material a lanyard might be made from is polyester, and they come in many different colours. Lanyards can also have the place where you work or the club you belong to printed on the material. They are ways for businesses to customise or personalise with their logo, company name, or other useful information.


Printed lanyards can be customised for use at schools. They are worn by teachers and the educational staff. They can be printed with the name of the school and in the school colours. Teachers wear them with their ID badges and keys for access to classrooms and offices. In higher learning institutions, students might also wear lanyards for identification that they belong to the college or university.


Company employees wear printed lanyards with the company name or logo. They are used for ID and, if required, to hold keys. Reception areas of large companies might hand out ID visitor lanyards for people who come to see someone but do not belong there.

Government Use

Government institutions use lanyards printed with the name of the institution. They are usually worn by security staff or workers who belong at the institution for identification purposes. They are generally attached with ID badges and keys, so the staff has access to private areas, and security can identify them.


Conventions are usually huge events, and they require people to wear lanyards for ID purposes, so security knows who belongs or does not belong at the convention. These lanyards might be printed with the name of the convention, so security knows it is a legally made lanyard and not fake. The people attending the convention will wear the lanyards with their ID badges and colour photos.


Printed lanyards are created for business events or promotional events, so people who are handed out these lanyards have the name of the promotional product printed on them. It is an excellent way of advertising as people like to wear colourful lanyards.

Sporting Events

Sporting events where security has to be on a high level are places where people wear printed lanyards with the name of the sports team. The staff has their ID badges attached to them so they can freely move about the sports stadium. They feature not only the home team playing but also are in the team colours.


People enjoy creating printed lanyards for celebrations with family and friends, such as anniversaries where the name of the family, year, and location are printed on them. These make great souvenirs of a very special occasion.

Amusement Parks

Theme parks are areas where large crowds form. They require printed lanyards for all their staff for ID purposes. They also need lanyards with the name of the theme park printed on them and with special badges to identify tourist groups. Lanyards might also be handed out to visitors as souvenirs of their trip to the theme park.

So for whatever purpose you require printed lanyards, you can get them printed with the name of your company or event or anything else you want and made in your choice of colour and with clips or hooks for attachments.