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Factors to consider when selecting a family resort in Gold Coast

Do you want to make the best out of the next family holiday you are planning? Do you know that selecting the best family resort can help you in making your dreams come true?  If you know this, do you know what to look for when you are selecting a family resort for your family?


When you are taking your family for a family holiday, you must ensure that you have selected the best family resort that is worth spending your precious time with the people you love.  In case you are planning to go to Gold Coast this holiday with your family, be assured that there are so many family resorts that you can book for your family, but you need to be very careful to make sure that the resort that you select is the kind of resort that your loved ones are looking forward to spending time in during their holiday.


The main reason as to why many people choose to have family holidays is because they want to relax after being very busy at work. For this reason, you must ensure that the family resort you will be selecting will meet your personal needs.  There are several things that you need to consider when you are selecting a family resort to avoid making any mistakes. These factors include:

The location of the family resort

In Gold Coasts, there are so many family resorts that are located in different locations all over the Gold Coast. For this reason, there are family resorts that are located in towns while others located outside the towns. Others are located near airports or railway stations, and others are positioned near to the tourist attraction sites around. You will need to consider the location of the family resort that you are about to select for your family. In case you are spending most of your day in the tourist attractions sites, you will need to select the family resort that is located to the sites. Secondly, if you do not have a personal vehicle, you will need to get the family resort that is located near the railway station or airport depending on the mode of transport that you will be using. Ultiqa family resorts in Gold Coast is highly recommended because of its proximity to beautiful sites and accessibility to the different modes of transportation in the area.

The activities available

Since your family will require some activities to keep them busy, you must consider the kind of family and children’s activities that are offered in the family resort that you want to select. Always ensure that you have chosen the family resort that has the best children’s activities that even the adults can participate in so that you can have time to bond with your child.

The amenities available

Every family has the kind of amenities that they cannot do without. For this reason, you will need to identify the family resort that has the amenities that you will need during the vacation. For instance, find out whether there are parking spaces, swimming pools, laundry, gym, TVs, kitchenettes, restaurants and free Wi-Fi.

The cost of the family resort

The family resorts that you will find in the Gold Coast have different costs. For this reason, you will need to ensure that you look for the family resort that you will easily afford. However, you should not go for a cheap family resort that will not be accommodating to your family.

The type of food offered

You will also have to consider the type of food that is being offered by the family resorts in Gold Coast. This is very important since you do not want to go to a resort where the food that is offered is costly.  Consequently, you need to select the family resort that provides the type of food that even your kids can eat without any problems.




Why you should go for whale watching in Hervey Bay

Over the past few years, whale watching in Hervey bay is a much sought after activity for tourists. Anyone who wants to observe these beautiful giant creatures in their natural habitat can book a tour. While it is entertainment for the people and an economic boost for the people of Hervey bay, whales are an important part of the eco system. Their presence helps balance out a great many things.

Just the mere thought of being close to such a scenic and fascinating sight is enough to make anyone feel excited. It is an activity which is enjoyed by people of all ages. While the younger children may not be able to grasp the beauty of these iconic creatures but older children do love watching these gentle creatures frolic around in the waters.

During a whale watching tour, the spectators stand around the edge of the pier or the deck of the boat. They wait for these placid creatures to make a stop and indulge in their activities. If the whales are interested in the humans present to watch them, they might feel adventurous enough to venture close by. Sometimes tourists are delighted to see the whales putting on a show and doing flips just because they feel entitled to entertain the humans. It’s an experience which is extraordinary and remarkable. Moments which can be cherished forever.

While for many whale watching is more of a recreational activity, t can also serve as a scientific study of the marine creatures. The surveillance of their natural habitat and an observation of their behavior.

The following are a few reasons why you should go for whale watching in Hervey bay:

  • It will be the experience of a life time. Once you experience seeing a whale your life would never be the same again. It’s a wonder to observe these delightful creatures up close and personal. Once you see your first whale, you would make sure that you get to see this kind of sight time and again. It’s that addictive. Yet the sense of wonder never seems to abate. Seasoned whale watchers would tell you that the anticipation is the same every time.
  • Whale watching tours are considered a one of the greatest travel experiences by globe trotter across the world. If you are visiting Australia, make sure you visit Hervey bay for the experience of a life time.
  • Cruising is one of the most interesting way o spend your mornings or evenings. It all depends upon the kind of tour you are interested in. there are day tours and then there are tours which may stretch for the complete day starting from morning till night. Besides watching whales you may also come across a few fun loving dolphins and watching them is just as delightful. Plus you get to enjoy the sights and smell of the sea and enjoy delicious food hosted by the crew.

Hervey Bay whale watching packages and tours are a big hit among tourists, so book early if you want to experience this attraction.


Take a Boat on the Wild Side

Come to Watch the Whales in Hervey Bay

Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime

When looking for the perfect trip as tourists, it’s time to give Hervey Bay a second look. The majestic humpback whales begin their migration from the cold waters of Antarctica, seeking the warm waters of Queensland. They begin arriving toward the end of June or the beginning of July and stay there until mid-November. Tours begin in August and continue through the rest of the season.

Hervey Bay is where the mother whales begin teaching their calves how to survive in the frigid ocean waters of Antarctica. This, also, is the best time to experience the whales close up, as they seek to see the tourists in return. The humpback whale, a highly-intelligent, curious creature, love to play and show off in the waters for everyone’s enjoyment.

They may show off their acrobatic skills by tail- or fin-slapping, or come close to tour boats to give the tourists a close-up view of their awe-inspiring majesty. Have that camera ready! The pictures and videos taken now will earn the memories of a lifetime. They are also total show-offs, breaching the water to show their physical prowess, sometimes as many as 20 times in just a few minutes. Their powerful and comical antics are a joy to see.

Meeting the whales in their own playground is a chance of a lifetime experience. Paddling out into the ocean with them is an amazing sight to see. Their natural curiosity gives humans a chance to share in their wondrous lives. It’s a delight to watch them play and sing their haunting melodies. Only the males sing their songs, and these songs can last up to 30 minutes, sometimes even more. These songs can be heard over many kilometres, and each family group has its own song.

Coming Back to Life

These humpback whales were nearly extinct at one time, due to humans, but changes in human laws have helped bring them back from the brink. At one point, there were less than 2000 humpback whales in the world. Now, after sixty years, there are now over 22,000; they’re definitely returning in numbers, though they are still on the endangered list.

It’s terrible to think that at one point, we nearly lost these gentle giants. Such a thing would definitely be a tragedy. Thankfully, it looks like we have been able to turn that story around. To continue to enjoy these majestic creatures, in places like Hervey Bay, is a huge fortune that we are able to take part in. To have the chance to take part in the Hervey Bay whale watching season is an opportunity not to be missed.

This is No Documentary

Now, coming to get to know these comical, fun-loving creatures, experiencing their awesome lives along with them, we have been gifted with their trust and friendly encounters. It truly is an adventure not to be missed.

While out on the ocean with these magical beings, it becomes clear that this is nothing like a video on the television. Not even close! To be able to share these precious moments with them, so close that we can see right into their eyes as they roll to one side, is a gift that will last a lifetime for these vacationers.

Don’t miss this amazing adventure. Come with a camera and take stills and videos of them as they frolic. It’s unforgettable, and these whales are ready and waiting to play!

The small bus with bags on a roof

Road trips Are The Best! Why This Is True

There can be no greater joy than simply loading up the car and setting out om a trip to a far destination. This is one of the occasions where the journey is much more important than the final destination.

A road trip is A rite of passage for those who have just entered adulthood and are preparing to take their places as productive members of society. But it is also a tremendously fun experience for families.

But what is it about road trips that makes them such a life altering experience for those who take part in such an adventure?

Firstly there is the preparation. The excitement of preparing for the ideal road trip is part and parcel of what makes the experience so unique. Rather than simply packing bags for a trip on an airline carrier a road trip must involve some extra careful planning. Choose a rental company carefully (try There are the snacks and hydration materials that must be carried in the motor vehicle. Then there is the careful packing – and all this time the excitement rises.

But even before this there is the careful planning. In this day and age of cheap air travel the attraction of simply planning a multi hour – or even multi day trip tend to be overlooked.

We use GPS systems on our smart devices to plan out every day movements, but a trip that may take place over a number of hours, with family may not be something that we think about. Planning such a trip may make the trip itself more important than the final destination – especially if there are children involved.

It is those trips that may make the memories that will last a lifetime.

Taking the highways and byways that connect our major cities or points of interest can be an adventure in itself.

The joy of stopping at local points of interest along the way is part and parcel of what makes road trips such an attractive proposition for those who want to cement the relationship between family members. A snack bought at a roadside stop while filling up with petrol can do more for the relationship between parents and their children than a year in a park. the sheer joy of the new experience can be seen in the delight that children take in the simple snacks that are purchased for them.
Stopping at an attraction along the way can allow children to explore both their creativity and the wonder that they have in the country that they call home.

The continual calls of ‘are we there yet?’ are a small price to pay when it comes to spending some quality time alone – be it in a motor vehicle, with those who are part of our family.

Road trips are not only a time to enjoy family, they are also a time to explore what makes us part of that family. We get to know each other in the confines of a small space. we have fun and is that not the point of travelling?

A festive season island getaway for the entire family

Finding great destinations for the family vacation is always taxing especially when there are kids involved.  You want somewhere for you as the parent(s) to go to relax, preferably with white sandy beaches, long cool cocktails and clear blue seas! But whilst you are soaking in the vitamin D and reading a good book what would the kids do?  Well if you went to the Vanuatu’s islands there would be plenty for them to do and your dream of an Island vacation suddenly becomes a reality!

Vanuatu’s Islands are only a couple of hours from Australia, filled with fun, adventure and amazing sites rounded off by the absolute freedom to unwind and do as you what you want as and when!  Oh, and you are bound to make new friends as the islands local’s have been voted as some of the happiest people alive time and again!

With chalets to hire where your front stairs leading into a clear blue ocean, palm trees swaying in the background, complimentary drinks on arrival, various free use of sports equipment, wi-fi, etc. it is the place you really want to be.

There is a lot of activities and sights to take in, here are a few:

Horse-back-riding – paths for all age groups and riding strengths. It is a fun family outing, a great way to explore the island and get a different view.

The Blue Lagoon – clear blue warm water, rope swings, picnic tables and all surrounded by a jungle.  Kids will love swinging themselves into the water.

Snorkeling – explore the crystal-clear waters

Jungle zip-line – fly through the treetops at a pace

Hideaway Island – and up close and personal interaction with nature and an underwater post office

Mele Cascades – a swim in the waterfalls surrounded by jungle

Dozens of beaches to choose from – there are about 83 beaches to choose from on all the islands

Village cultural tour – learn about the culture of the inhabitants of the island.

The Port Vila Market – this market runs seven days a week and has great local food, art and people.

Kustom Karnival Beach Bar –  for great sundowners and live music while the kids play

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