Over the past few years, whale watching in Hervey bay is a much sought after activity for tourists. Anyone who wants to observe these beautiful giant creatures in their natural habitat can book a tour. While it is entertainment for the people and an economic boost for the people of Hervey bay, whales are an important part of the eco system. Their presence helps balance out a great many things.

Just the mere thought of being close to such a scenic and fascinating sight is enough to make anyone feel excited. It is an activity which is enjoyed by people of all ages. While the younger children may not be able to grasp the beauty of these iconic creatures but older children do love watching these gentle creatures frolic around in the waters.

During a whale watching tour, the spectators stand around the edge of the pier or the deck of the boat. They wait for these placid creatures to make a stop and indulge in their activities. If the whales are interested in the humans present to watch them, they might feel adventurous enough to venture close by. Sometimes tourists are delighted to see the whales putting on a show and doing flips just because they feel entitled to entertain the humans. It’s an experience which is extraordinary and remarkable. Moments which can be cherished forever.

While for many whale watching is more of a recreational activity, t can also serve as a scientific study of the marine creatures. The surveillance of their natural habitat and an observation of their behavior.

The following are a few reasons why you should go for whale watching in Hervey bay:

  • It will be the experience of a life time. Once you experience seeing a whale your life would never be the same again. It’s a wonder to observe these delightful creatures up close and personal. Once you see your first whale, you would make sure that you get to see this kind of sight time and again. It’s that addictive. Yet the sense of wonder never seems to abate. Seasoned whale watchers would tell you that the anticipation is the same every time.
  • Whale watching tours are considered a one of the greatest travel experiences by globe trotter across the world. If you are visiting Australia, make sure you visit Hervey bay for the experience of a life time.
  • Cruising is one of the most interesting way o spend your mornings or evenings. It all depends upon the kind of tour you are interested in. there are day tours and then there are tours which may stretch for the complete day starting from morning till night. Besides watching whales you may also come across a few fun loving dolphins and watching them is just as delightful. Plus you get to enjoy the sights and smell of the sea and enjoy delicious food hosted by the crew.

Hervey Bay whale watching packages and tours are a big hit among tourists, so book early if you want to experience this attraction.