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Finding Airport Transfers on a Budget

Are you looking for cheap airport transfers in Wollongong? Finding cheap drop offs to your hotel or destination from the airport might seem impossible. After all we are used to paying exorbitant amounts of taxi fares every time we are travelling from the airport. So how does one actually find a cheap airport transfer from Wollongong? Just make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Finding a vehicle which accommodates you and all those who travel with you should be your first priority. For those who are travelling on their own, the cheapest mode of airport transfer is usually a shuttle service. You simply get on the first available shuttle which would then take you to your destination. However, it can work only if you are travelling light. That means you dot have to carry a great deal of luggage.

  • On the other hand if you are making you way to Wollongong with the family and especially small children there are certain things you need to take care of. The number one being that you won’t be getting on a shuttle with all of them around you. It’s not only unsafe but it’s quite inconvenient as well. For family you need to ensure that you have hired the right vehicle. One which would easily accommodate all of you and the extra luggage which accompanies you.
  • In order to find a cheap airport transfer, you can try searching for package deals on the internet. Get to know which transport services are in operation and then check their details and al. there are bound to be some discount for early birds. If you make an advance booking you can be assured that there would be someone to pick you up on the day of your arrival. You won’t be spending time running after a taxi service.
  • Get to know what kind of vehicles can be booked for an airport transfer. Choose one which is well suited for you and your family.
  • Once you have selected the vehicle, you would be shown different quotes. Before signing up with a particular airport transfer service, make sure you get quotations from at least two or three of them. Hi would help you compare and find one which is well within your budget.
  • Keep in mind that different services would be charging a different amount for hiring the same kind of vehicle. However, there are often hidden charges and gratuities which people ignore and are only surprised to find that they have to shell out more money than they anticipated.
  • Last but not the least make sure if they have a return or refund policy if you won’t use their service. In case you miss the flight or the flight is delayed would they offer you a ride without any compensation or would you have to pay extra. Finding out all these things is important because you don’t want to be faced with any undue surprises later on.

Top 20 safest airlines to fly with – 2017

The 2017 annual survey for airline safety ratings was done by the world’s only safety ratings website namely  They are an independent rating website for product and plane safety ratings.

From around the world, 425 airlines were surveyed, only 148 were given top marks with the rest coming in with only 3 or fewer stars out of a possible 7.

These star ratings are given for:

Not being on the EU’s blacklist

Airline is certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Accident / crash record

Fleet grounding due to safety issues

To get into the top 20 airlines must show an exemplary level of operations and little to no incidents.  Budget airlines do not get given 7 stars!

The top 20 safest airlines for 2017 were as follows (they were not ranked by but listed in alphabetical order except for the airline that came out tops):

The safest airline for 2017 and taking the title for the fourth year in a row was Qantas.

The rest of the top 20 are:
  Air New Zealand
  Alaska Airline
  All Nippon Airways
  British Airways
  Cathay Pacific Airways
  Delta Air Line
  Etihad Airways
  Eva Air
  Hawaiian Airline
  Japan Airline
  Scandinavian Airline System
  Singapore Airline
  United Airlines
  Virgin Atlantic
  Virgin Australia

For update-to-date airline and air travel news, is a great source of information.  It lists a whole lot of news regarding new air craft carriers, what is happening within the airline and aircraft industries.  Flight tickets can be booked on the website, with detailed travel routes, what to expect on board each aircraft such as seat size, leg room, entertainment, meals, kid’s entertainment.
There are reviews, tips and helpful advice from travelers who have travelled on the various airlines for which they share their experiences user ratings.

The website lists the top safest low-cost airlines, each having passed strict IOSA (International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit) audits, there are over 1000 audit considerations plus having to show extremely good safety records. list the following top ten safest low-cost budget-airlines for 2017:

  Aer Lingus
  HK Express
  Jetstar Australia
  Jetstar Asia
  Thomas Cook
  Virgin America

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